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Quirky Things To Do In University Cities

We’ve picked some of the most hustling and bustling student cities and found some fun and quirky things to do there!

  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol



Newcastle, the home of both Newcastle and Northumbria University, is notoriously famous for its lively nightlife.  But what else is there to do?  Well, plenty.

Theme Park

One of the recommendations we’ve heard is Wet n Wild, an indoor water park just a short Uber ride away from the city centre. This place is perfect for those weeks at university when you’re tired of the nightlife but still want to do something fun and silly with your friends.


Dog and Cat Cafés

Landlords and university accommodation teams can be very strict with their no pets rule too, so this is the perfect way to fill the pet-less void in your university life.  There are two cat cafés and one dog café in Newcastle city centre, both perfect locations to take your mind off intense studies.  

Your options are: 

  • The Dog and Scone
  • Catpawcino 
  • Mog on the Tyne

These cafés are perfect for those days when you are feeling stressed and in desperate need of some chilled-out down time.



The Nichols Building

Sheffield’s Nichols building is two floors of vintage everything. This is the best place to start before decorating your university digs and get your edgy on with two levels of vintage clothes, furniture, antiques, retro arts and much more.

And when you need a break from all that rummaging round, there is a coffee shop to relax and have a hot chocolate in.


Graves Park Animal Farm

Put your mind at ease and distract yourself from deadlines by hanging out with some sheep, goats and donkeys for free at Graves Park Animal Farm.

It’s the ideal place for you and your friends to rest your minds for a few hours during those dreaded exams. Get to the library early, do your revision for the day, then go see some of the rarest breeds of farm animals in the country.



‘Pay as You Feel’ Theatre

Theatre fans on a student budget can attend small shows and pay whatever they feel here!

At the Holbeck Underground Ballroom (The HUB) companies present their new theatre work to an audience on a makeshift stage. It’s perfect for spontaneous nights too as you don’t have to book months in advance. Whether you enjoyed the show or not- pay whatever you like!



Custard Factory

Don’t be fooled by the name (sadly custard isn’t made here) this is actually one of Birmingham’s retro styled venues.

The custard factory is full of independent stores with a range of quirky elements. Located in the heart of Birmingham, Custard factory is hard to miss with vibrant colours and mix of vintage clothing stores to keep your wardrobe intact.


Cadbury World

Did someone say chocolate factory?? Yes your dreams have come true, this place is definitely a guilty pleasure for chocolate lovers.

From finding all about where Cadbury came from in the first place and taking a trip down memory lane with their old adverts, to shopping in the world’s biggest cadbury shop and relaxing in the Cadbury cafe after a long day finding out how Cadbury chocolate is made, there’s plenty to keep you entertained!



Clifton Village

If you’re feeling touristy, why not head down to Clifton Village? There’s a variety of things to do including strolling on the World’s most famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

It’s perfect for those days when you’re bored and unsure what to do but feeling spontaneous (we’ve all had one of those, especially as a student!). Not to mention every year a Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is held nearby!  


Stokes Croft

This is one area you can’t miss in Bristol! It’s all things trendy and a vibe that is sure to keep you entertained.

There is graffiti goals left, right and centre so go do your edgy photoshoots there, it will be sure make you insta famous.


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