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How To Spend Your Free Time In Germany?

When you go to study in Germany, you may feel lonely and a little lost during your leisure time. It is important that you have knowledge about leisure time activities in Germany that you can be a part of. Find activities that interest you and are well worth investing your time in. In the process, you would also make contacts and new friends.

1. Studentenwerke leisure activities

Studentenwerke are partner organizations of universities in Germany. Many Studentenwerke offer or organize collective leisure activities including parties, sport events and game evenings for international students. Some Studentenwerke even have cultural offices and run theatre groups, short courses for painting or photography, and writing workshops.

2. International clubs

You may come across international clubs of the foreign student offices at your university.These clubs provide you the opportunity to meet students from all over the world at film evenings, visits exhibitions and museums, guided tours and day trips.

3. University sports

Over 170 universities in Germany are a member of the German University Sports Federation. The organization offers a range of activities from fitness courses for all students to competitive sports for student athletes. The prices are usually affordable.

4. University orchestra and choir

The university orchestra and/or a choirare great for those who play an instrument or like to sing.While some orchestras and choirs take in interested musicians, many others are highly competitive and may request you to prove your musical ability before being accepted.

5. Volunteer work

If you know a little German, you can spend your time like many other international students in Germany by spending their free time helping the community. Foreign students can do volunteer work in senior citizen homes, schools for the handicapped or in churches. You can dedicate few hours of your time every week to help people who need more attention and care. You may also be able to learn a lot from them.

6. Create your own group

Do you have a specific activity in mind? If your university does not already have a group for it, you may be able to create one. Contact student representatives of the university and propose the activity. If they like your idea, you may create a group yourself and apply for the status of a university group. Once it gets approved, you can use rooms at the university to hold meetings and activities.

7. Explore Germany

In Germany, leisure time is often spent outdoors. Regardless of the time of the year, there is never any lack of things to do. You could spend your summers on beaches and coastal regions, or cycling and boating in the countryside. In the winter, head to the snow-filled regions and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. You could also visit Berlin, Munich and Lower Saxony, each of which boasts of fascinating art, architecture and culture.

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