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Career Prospects For Mechanical Engineers In Germany

In Germany there are vast opportunities available for jobs in the sector of mechanical engineering. It can also be said that mechanical engineering is one of the most important industry in Germany’s economy. According to a survey it was found that, there are more than 6,419 companies that employ 10,00,000 workers in the industrial sector. On the basis of revenue earnings, mechanical engineering enjoys second position in Germany.

Students with a degree in mechanical engineering have bright career prospects and opportunities to explore.

Mechanical engineers who have completed their studies in Germany are at advantage, but the industry being so vast they also employ engineers who do not hold this degree from any German university. As far as career opportunities are concerned, it’s very bright and promising. In entire Europe Germany enjoys 2nd highest position of having working engineers. Cities like Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart have more jobs available in the mechanical engineering sector. Even the German government has formulated relaxed terms and conditions for foreign employees to get a work permit.

If you are interested in working as a mechanical engineer for a larger company in Germany, then going through the companies’ website is the most favourable approach. Big companies like Daimler, Siemens and Bosch advertise for job vacancies through their websites. They would usually provide contact email address of the human resource department head.

Engineers that belong to non-EU countries can earn benefits from EU Blue Card. This card permits the highly skilled immigrants to work and live in Germany. As there is shortage of engineers in Germany, international immigrants now stand brighter chances of landing a lucrative job, and they would require just 2 things to get a Blue Card-

1. A valid degree from a recognized university
2. An employment contract with minimum salary of €47,600 per year.

The work permit can be renewed or permanent residency can be applied after 33 months. Even the spouses of Blue Card holders can work in Germany without any specific limitations. For the permission application has to be sent to local Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners Office).

Although there is huge demand for mechanical engineers in Germany, the selection process is little difficult to pass through. Germany has set application process which is formal and well-defined with comparison to other countries. Hence, be well-informed and research to plan ahead for a successful application.

The salary package for mechanical engineers with masters’ degree is quite handsome, that is around 50,000 EUR per year. Even the country gives excellent prospects for career growth during the course of job.

German language knowledge becomes mandatory if you are planning to work in any medium scale construction company or in non-industrial area. If the company is bigger and provides international field of work, you can survive without German language. But it is also advisable to finish the German Level B1 test before sending applications to German companies. Even the application time period, provides enough time to complete B2 which can be added advantage for non-German mechanical engineers.

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