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5 Top Universities For Automotive Engineering In Germany

Automotive Engineering can be fascinating for those who are interested in the creation of automobiles. MS in Automobile Engineering in Germany focuses on a range of areas including electronics, mechanics, software development, and safety engineering.

Why study Automotive Engineering in Germany?

Germany is a great destination for international education due to its high quality education system. Germany’s automotive industry is world famous. Some of the finest automobiles – Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi – are all German made. The country not only has the best technology and innovative pedagogy to offer you a cutting edge learning environment, it also provides excellent employment opportunities once you are done with the course.

German Universities for Masters in Automotive Engineering

University of Bayreuth

The Master’s program ‘Automotive and Mechatronics’ at the University of Bayreuth provides students with specialized engineering skills that are geared towards the basic and applied research in this technology-intensive industry. The course focuses on materials, processes, components and systems of the automotive industry and related industries like machine tools, robotics, and automation technology. The application-oriented training here makes students well-qualified for demanding engineering activities connected with automakers, suppliers as well as in research institutions.

Technical University of Munich

TUM has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 1868. The University offers Automotive Software Engineering, an exclusive Master’s program that focuses on elements from computer science, software engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronic, and economic science. The course equips you with programming skills and knowledge required to implement software-intensive systems in cars.
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Technical University of Berlin

TU Berlin is an internationally famous university, located in the German capital city. The university offers a M.Sc. program in Automotive Systems which comprises of compulsory, technical and supplementary studies. In the compulsory program, students learn the basics and deepen their understanding of technology. The course focuses on priority areas of Automotive Systems, like traffic and equipment systems or motor vehicle/engine technology.

RWTH Aachen University

This popular research university in Germany offers a M.Sc. program in Automotive Engineering where students are taught the conception and development of passenger cars & commercial vehicles in detail. Course covers all of the vehicle’s main domains including chassis, body, drivetrain, safety, driver assistance systems and others. The students will be proficient in technological areas including vehicle dynamics, energy efficiency, acoustics, mechatronics, structural fatigue and durability.  Read more about RWTH Aachen University here.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The University offers two Masters Programs in the field of automotive engineering – M.Eng. in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering  and M.Eng. in Automotive Systems. While the former focuses on design, development, simulation and production technology, the latter allows students to choose between three majors – vehicle dynamics, car electronics, and software-based automotive systems.

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